The moustach my father wore

For some reason best known to himself, George Galloway has allied with the cause of unionism. As he uses the same arguments that were used a century ago by the Unionists of Ireland against Irish Home Rule, it’s hardly surprising to find him on the same side as the Grand Orange Order, an organisation that has now officially joined the No campaign.
Their best know marching tune, or anthem, is known as ‘The Sash My Father Wore’, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Scotland who didn’t recognise the tune instantly.
The late Sean Tierney wrote this parody.

I think you’ll like it…

The Moustache My Father Wore

Oh, it was old and it was beautiful
With tobacco tainted tips
It hung in repose from beneath his nose
Covering top and bottom lips
Oh, my father wore it from his youth ‘till he died at ninety four
And we never knew it was stuck on wi’ glue!
The moustache my father wore.

Now on a Sunday night by the firelight
The family gathers close
And we reminisce of the hairiness
That once hung from his nose
From the Fireplace we take down the case where we’ve kept his ‘tache in store
And we greet a lot, as each get a shot of
The moustache my father wore.

Sean Tierney

Sean Tierney

©Sean Tierney